115 – Big Ballin

Buddy Andy and Nate discuss recent travel, including a trip to the Big Apple.
Nate extols how Movie Pass has drastically heightened his love of movies.
Plus, the boys give out the final Hossie for best movie.
They then talk about a less than stellar review for the Big Baller Brand from the Better Business Bureau.
Finally, they discuss whack-a-do return policies and idiots and their Tide pods.

114 – 2017 Hossies

The 2017 Hossies are finally here! Land of the Hoss faves Buddy Andy and @murrayonsports join LOTH legend Jo Mama to celebrate excellence in excellence for MMXVII.

-Favorite TV Show
-Favorite Commercial
-Worst Commercial (non-political)
-Worst Movie Trailer
-Favorite Song
-Most Annoying Song
-Worst news story
-Most uplifting / best news story

112 – TTWV: Standing Up By Not Standing

Turkey Town World View Podcast w/ The Ride Or Dies. Buddy Andy, @murrayonsports and Nate Hoss have an obligatory discussion about NFL players standing up to President Trump by not standing up at all.  But more important than the fallout from Sunday, they talk about the deeper meaning of the protest and how it has been contorted. (WARNING: The word “narrative” is used like 75 times.)

To close out, Andy breaks down what the Thunder’s aquisition of Carmelo Anthony does or doesn’t do to shake up the league.

111 – My Ride or Dies

Historic day in the Land of the Hoss as Nate and his two best friends, Buddy Andy and @murrayonsports join up for a fantastic all sports pod! We talked RGIII fighting with former teammates, the not-so-great history of highly drafted QBs and Andy and Nate’s excitement for the upcoming Wisconsin Herd season.  They finish the show with a round of “Can you name where that NBA G League team is from?”

In a non sports story, Nate discusses getting extorted at the eye doctor.

109 – Completely and Totally Vindicated

Andy and Nate give their thoughts on James Comey’s testimony, but first they touch on the President’s apparent confusion about how Senate confirmation works, the completely childish pot shots at the mayor of London after a terrorist attack and how pretty much every reason he gave for pulling out of the Paris climate deal was not supported by actual facts. Plus, book recommendations and Nate has the audacity to try doing a Barack Obama voice.

108 – Turkey Town: First 100 Days React w/ @murrayonsports

Nate and @murrayonsports go over Trump’s first 100 days (only like a babillion to go) and discuss the AHCA as best they can, seeing as many of the people who voted for it didn’t understand it, either…